Amazed At How Unhealthy My First Comp Prep Felt…

I did my first figure competition in May of this year and was pretty amazed at how unhealthy my prep felt. I really thought there must be a way of achieving the look you need for competition without sacrificing my health and risking metabolic damage and so on, so decided to look for another way.

As a long time subscriber to Mark’s podcasts and info I knew that he was a great source of information on training and nutrition, so decided to investigate his online training program.

I would love to train with Mark in person, but as I live in Sydney the only possibility was to work with him online – and I’m so glad I did.

Mark provides you with everything you need for your specific training and nutrition goals – we had a specific time limit too – I started with Mark 10 weeks out from my competition and he guided me to be completely ready for Comp Day. He answered every question I had about my training or nutrition (and there were lots!), and always got back to me really, really quickly, and to that end I just placed 2nd in the IFBB State Championships Master’s Figure.

I learnt so much about proper nutrition, hormonal balance and the importance of other factors like sleep and supplements on how well I trained, allowing me to get the results I wanted. I also went through Comp prep full of energy with a smile on my face, which was completely different to the previous time where lack of food made me listless and miserable!

I can’t recommend Mark highly enough – I am continuing my training with Mark through my off season and into comp prep for next year where I intend to reach a whole new level – And I can’t wait!

Lisa Callingham

P.S. Photo taken October 2011 after working with Mark

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