Raw Food Builds Muscle

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Guest Speaker: Joshua Trentine, Founder, Overload Fitness and NGA & IDFA Professional Natural Bodybuilder

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Perhaps this show is one of the most interesting shows I have ever done… And you know we always do interesting shows!

Joshua Trentine has been a raw meat eater for three years.

He eats eggs, red meat and chicken as raw…. Yes raw chicken!

But why?

Josh explains his journey, going from 190-pound natural bodybuilder (86kg) to 240-pound machine (109kg) after making the switch to raw.

As you may know, I am a personal advocate of raw eggs and partially raw meat (when I say partially raw I mean cooked on both sides for 10 seconds).

But chicken? Well at this stage I have to pass on the raw chicken. However is there something more to raw foods?

Find out in this episode of Maximus Radio.

Download the show here!

If you want more information about a raw food diet I advise you to visit http://rawfoodbuildsmuscle.com/ or contact Josh directly. His details can be found on this web page.

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