Victoria May; How I Got Back In Shape After Comp…

I came to get help from Mark after a very turmoil year that saw my eating and binging spiral out of control after competing. I was at wits end not knowing how I was going to get my body back into gear when I got the tip that Maximus Mark was the person to see. So I made the call and went and saw Mark..

From the moment Mark opened his mouth, everything made sense.. I was not going to be put on another stupid starvation diet, I was not going to be put on a ridiculous training plan… This was about improving everything from the inside out.. so that I would never have to diet another day in my life in order to stay lean nor would I have to do endless amounts of cardio to stay lean.. This was about a lifestyle.

It is hard to describe how grateful I am for what Mark has taught me, I have never in my life felt better, full of natural energy – yep that’s right, i don’t touch ANY fat burners or energy drinks or caffeine, its a daily natural high I sit on, I don’t get bloated anymore, I feel amazing, and I am not spending my whole week training! I do only what I need to which is very minimal in order to stay at a lean and at a healthy weight.

My mindset towards eating, training and supplementation has completely taken a 360 degree flip.. I absolutely recommend if you are feeling trapped and controlled by food, or training or you have obsessive behavior about it; that you speak to Mark about what you can do.. I promise .. you wont ever regret it!

Victoria May

Champion Sports Model

(Photo credits to Mariya Mova)

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