Primal Blueprint; Eating The Way We Were Designed

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Guest Speaker: Brad Kearns, Author of How Lance Does It, How Tiger Does It and support writer of The Primal Blueprint.

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Brad Kearns

Every electrical appliance has what’s known as a ‘factor operated’ or ‘factory specified battery’.

Have you ever thought what that of the human body is?

It’s the things that were hunted, fished, gathered and plucked…

Simply put, it’s the natural foods that were available to our cave-person ancestors.

In this podcast, I ask Brad the tough questions about Paleo nutrition such as:

  • You say we should avoid ALL grains as they are “poisons” but surely these plants were available to our ancestors and they would have eaten them although in small quantities. Why do we need to eliminate them completely?
  • Does the human body have an inherited this capacity for overeating? Is it okay to overeat on occasions?
  • Is there such thing as a ‘missed meal’?
  • What’s your take on supplements for Paleo?
  • What is Paleo? How do you get involved?

All this and so much more is revealed.

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Maximus Mark

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