3 MORE Non-Negotiable Stupid Foods

4. Soy

A quick browse through the supermarket reveals a growing trend — soy products are everywhere. Maybe you don’t notice, but if you take the time to read the labels you will quickly discover just how many products contain soy.

Over the past few years, the media has spent a lot of time describing soy as wonderful. Then you have people like Oprah with their own weight issues professing that soy-laden “tofu” or “toffetti” are good and a healthy alterative to full-fat products. Well, the reality says they’re not!

No doubt about it… Soy is a stupid food!

Many soy products are marketed and processed to either resemble or mimic meat or dairy products in some way. Processing does not make a food more nutritious; processing robs food of its nutrients.

The first problem with western soy products is that the soybeans manufactured in the United States have been genetically modified or engineered.

Although most genetically engineered crops in the United States have been evaluated and ‘deemed safe’ by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the environmental and health implications have yet to be sufficiently determined.

However, the real concern comes from the question, ‘Why genetically modify the soybean in the first place?’

The plant is modified to be resistant to pesticides — pesticides that are designed to kill living organisms. Once the plant is sprayed with the pesticide, the plant becomes laced with toxins. Just because the plant is genetically modified to resist the pesticide doesn’t mean humans are!

So when we ingest a serving of processed soy from America, we also ingest a serving of pesticides that are toxic. This is another MAJOR and unattended problem with the soy plant.


And that’s not even mentioning the plant estrogens!


Cancer patients are being warned to avoid foods rich in soy because they can accelerate the growth of tumours.

“There is evidence to suggest that women with existing breast cancer or past breast cancer should be cautious in consuming large quantities of soy foods or phyto-oestrogen supplements,”


A position statement from the Cancer Council


Still don’t believe it?

And if you still don’t believe me, perhaps the letter to US President Barack Obama from Sally Fallon Morell, President, Weston A. Price Foundation will change your mind.

Here’s an extract from the original letter:

“Soy protein and soy flour are toxic, especially in large amounts. The US food and Drug Administration lists 288 studies on its database showing the toxicity of soy. Numerous studies show that soy consumption leads to nutrient deficiencies, digestive disorders, endocrine disruption and thyroid problems”

Continued here: http://www.westonaprice.org/soy-alert/1624-cruel-and-unusual-punishment-soy-diet-for-illinois-prisoners.html

5. Margarine

Margarine has been cleverly marketed for decades. In the 80’s, it was positioned as healthier than butter because it was low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Now it’s fortified with omega 3’s to confuse people of its benefits.

Let me make this clear: Margarine has no benefits.

Margarine without food colouring is white (or almost white), it’s one module off plastic and if you leave it in the sun, not even the flies want it! It’s a concoction of science and food business, not health.

Butter has been used for centuries- Margarine, a science experiment!

Some brands market it as “Free from Trans-fats”, but if you read the ingredients it will say, “Contains partially hydrogenated oil”  which should always be avoided.

The worse part about margarine is that people actually think it’s healthier than butter. Butter is a whole food that has been around for centuries. The only caveat with butter is that you must buy organic.

Butter is high in all the fat-soluble vitamins which are essential to health and the absorption of every other mineral and vitamin. Butter is a wonder food, margarine is not.

6. Muesli bars (Granola Bars)


Muesli bar (or granola bars) have been on the ‘healthy foods’ list for years.

And for years they have been making it harder for people to lose weight. The manufactures target people who want to be healthy and search for a quick, convenient, portable snack.

On the label it reads, “no or low fat”, “made from whole grains”, “made from real fruit” and “zero trans-fats”.

All of this makes you think “Hmm. It’s healthy, it’s convenient, it’s tasty… I think I’ve just found my new mid-morning snack!”

Grains… Not what you think!

But what the label doesn’t say is that in a 35 gram bar (which is very small and you would need at least two to be satisfied) there is 20 grams of carbohydrates, 40% to 50% of which come from refined sugar.

Consuming refined carbohydrates will rapidly raise blood sugar causing a surge of insulin. Insulin is an anabolic hormone that plays many roles in the human body, one of them is FAT STORAGE!

As insulin gets to work to bring blood sugar levels back to normal, it does its job ‘too effectively’, resulting in a crash of blood sugar and energy levels. Mood, concentration and drive are all affected. When people tell me they can’t concentrate during the day, I always look at the foods they are having. Once they start making sensible choices, this doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Some people blame themselves for eating the whole box of muesli bars in a day. Well truth be told, I don’t blame you! I use to eat a whole KILO of oatmeal in one day..

Why? Grains have an opiate like affect on the brain. For more information on that, listen to this podcast: The Vegetarian Myth!

Eating such a small, nutrient-void food would make anyone hungry! Eating these foods (if you can call them that) is stacking the deck against your favour from a hormonal perspective.

By Marximus Mark Ottobre

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