3 Non-Negotiable Stupid Foods

1. Vitamin Water

I’m still trying to figure out if Vitamin Water is for real…

Try this on for size…

Next time you go to pour yourself a fresh, tall glass of pure water, add six teaspoons of sugar to it.

Do you think it’s still healthy? Not a chance!

And if sugar wasn’t enough, Vitamin Water also comes packed with food colourings. Food colouring is bad, bad news! People think it’s harmless but it’s another toxic load that the body doesn’t need.

For example, Blue 2 when given to rats increased tumours significantly. In 1990, the FDA recognised Red 3 as thyroid carcinogen in animals and was banned in cosmetics. However, it’s permitted in drugs and foods!

The only type of water you should be drinking is clean, pure water preferably from a filter. Bottled water can contain many nasty toxins and tap water is loaded with fluoride.

For more information on toxins and food colourings, read Mark Schauss’ book, Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World or listen to our interview here

2. Canola Oil

Canola oil is marketed and used as an alternative to products like butter and coconut oil because it’s ‘low’ in saturated fat. It sells because many people whole-heartedly believe the misinterpreted science that ‘saturated fat causes heart disease’. This theory was made on a false premise.

Canola oil comes from the Rapeseed plant after it has been genetically engineered, deodorised and hydrogenated (turning it into a trans-fat).

Most people know that trans-fat should always be avoided but they don’t put canola oil in the same bracket as trans-fats. Clever marketing hides the fact that canola oil is also a trans-fat and promotes it as ‘cholesterol free.’

Trans-fats, canola oil or ANY oil that has been hydrogenated (or partially hydrogenated) should be completely avoided. I don’t care if it’s your once a week ‘eat whatever I want meal’; trans-fats have no place in a healthy diet.

Coconut oil, on the other hand, is loaded with benefits, can withstand high temperatures and is perfect to cook with.

For more information on fats, listen to our show on Fats here

3. Fruit Juices

Some believe that because juice is from fruit, and fruit is natural, fruit juice must be healthy too. After all, fruit is healthy right?

Yes, fruit is healthy when consumed whole, in moderate amounts, free of pesticides and grown from nutrient-dense soil.

It is not healthy when one compound of the fruit is isolated, extracted, and pulped into a bottle.

The problem with fruit juices is they contain way too much sugar. And sugar is sugar regardless of whether it comes from fruit, coconuts, berries, corn, or laboratory and whether labelled low GI, healthy, artificial, natural or otherwise. When sugar hits the GI tract it sends a signal to the body to release insulin — and that, my friends, will not help your fat-burning endeavours.

If you want to get lean, do not drink fruit juice. Rather, make water, organic black coffee and organic green tea your choice of beverage.

For more information on sugar, listen to the sugar show here

Maximus Mark

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