The Mindset of a Champion

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Guest Speaker: Janet Kane

Janet Kane personifies ‘champion’. As a two-time Ms Australia and Ms Olympia, mother of two, business owner and wife; her story is nothing short of inspiring.

You may have read a previously published story about her here.

This interview was actually recorded in July 2008, just after Janet won the INBA All Females. This is before Janet won her Ms Australia and Ms Olympia titles.

For Janet and me it’s very interesting to reflect and see what our mindsets were like.

After listening to the podcast, you will understand why she went on to win the titles she has.

My goal for this interview is for you to see the inner workings of a mindset of a champion.

Hint: The key concept here is attitude.

The reason why it has taken me so long to publish this interview is simply because I was planning to sell it. But since I’ve started Maximus Radio, well you’ve heard the show. . .

Enjoy the interview and leave your comments below.

Train hard,

Maximus Mark

Download the full show here: The Mindset of a Champion

Janet with Tan

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