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Guest Speaker: David Gillespie


I got to catch up with author of Sweet Poison, David Gillespie. In this podcast we discuss:

  • Why Sugar makes us fat
  • How to kick the sugar habit
  • How to control your appetite
  • Why breakfast cereals are a bad idea
  • The important difference between fructose and sugar
  • and much more

Who is David Gillespie? (Watch this video)

There is no doubt about it… Sugar makes us fat.

In fact, if you recall in my book, Eat Your Way to Abs, I specifically talk about sugar’s effects on weight-loss.

It’s really pretty simple:

When you eat sugar, your blood sugar gets elevated. In response to elevated blood sugar, your body releases a hormone called insulin from the pancreas to store the sugar.


Because your body only needs approximately 5 grams (which is a teaspoon) of sugar circulating in your blood stream.

In other words, insulin gets to work to pull the sugar out of the blood stream and into places where it can be used as energy (muscles) or stored (fat cells). The kicker is, when you have high blood sugar, you will have high insulin levels, and when you have high insulin levels you will never burn fat.

So what I really want people to get is this: The human body was NEVER designed for high sugar foods.

Enjoy the interview with David and make sure you grab a copy of his book.

To listen, click here.

Maximus Mark

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P.P.S. Check out Davids book, Sweet Poison here

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