The Business of Personal Training

The Business of Personal Training – What You Need to Know About Being a Wealthy Personal Trainer

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Guest Speaker: Travis Bell


Are you a Personal Trainer?

Maybe your thinking about becoming a trainer, working in the gym, pumping weights, keeping fit, you know, all that good stuff…

In my experience there are a lot of personal trainers who are excellent at what they do, yet they fail to earn a living because they never invest time or effort into learning the business stuff”.

I am an avid learner (I don’t know if you can tell).

My favourite topics are nutrition, training, supplements, self-development and business!

Every year I will go to at least six seminars. Sometimes these seminars are on weekends, other times they are 7 to 10 days.

That’s how important learning is to me.

I know this topic maybe irrelevant to some who have no interest in the business of personal training, though I also realise many personal trainers are avid readers of and I feel responsible to give them good information.

If you are a personal trainer, I sincerely hope you download this podcast (along with all my other podcasts) and take lots of notes.

Study and listen to as the information contain in the podcasts, as the information is world class.

In this interview we cover the following:

  • Trav’s inspiring story of how he got started in business
  • The secrets of a successful Personal Training Business
  • Key things that Personal Trainers DO that cause them to fail
  • The most important business systems you need as a Personal Tranier
  • How to grow from solo trainer to studio owner
  • How to make more money as a Personal Trainer

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Maximus Mark

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