Did you see my very first article on T-Nation?

You haven’t heard of T-Nation?

T-Nation is only the biggest online men’s health magazine in the world. I am over the moon to get finally get published on such an exclusive and well-known magazine. My ’cause’ is finally getting some mainstream attention. Check it out here.

The article is called, Fight the T-Killing Toxins

In the article, I discuss environmental toxins and why they are so damaging.

“When your dad was your age, it was probably easier for him to build muscle and burn body fat than it is for you. Does that annoy you? It should.

We’ve dumped over 85,000 chemicals into our environment since World War II. Why should you care? All that environmental stuff is for tree-hugging hippies, right? Well, not quite. You see, certain chemicals and toxins act like a sledgehammer to the balls.

Your balls.”

Enjoy reading and feel free to share this article around.

Maximus Mark

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