Why I do what I do…

Yesterday I was reminded; Why I do what I do.

I received a very lovely facebook message from Jasmine Sioukas, who basically read Eat Your Way To Abs (which is free btw) and applied its message. You can read her story below.

Thank you Jasmine for allowing me to share


Facebook message from Jasmine Sioukas:

Hello Mark,

I just want to say thank you so much for pretty much changing my life! After years of restrictive eating and stupid diets that always left me feeling tired, lethargic, unhappy and struggling to train at my best. I have finally found what I now call the “way of life” approach to eating and training with the help of eat your way to abs, I have never had more energy and strive in the gym, my skin, hair nails have never grown so much and looked so healthy, my stomach has never been so flat and my body has seemed to form into its perfect shape, I now know this is the way humans were meant to live and eat, I’ve finally stopped counting calories something that drained the joy of eating out of my life and will never consume these chemical filled foods that have left woman unhappy & struggling to get results, I’ve have never felt or looked better! If you ever need a true story example on your site I would be happy to comment, I am now stronger, leaner and the happiest I’ve ever been, thank you Mark!

Please keep doing what your doing Mark because you saved a girl like me from living the rest of her life on stupid diets making us miserable counting calories and being afraid to have “meat” or “fats” on our plates! My nails never grew, my hair never grew, and my hair actually started falling out slightly! My body ached, my face was puffy, my monthly cycle ceased and I was always feeling bloated and unwell and now I am finally in amazing health!

Thanks again Mark!!

Jasmine Sioukas

message from facebook:








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