The Vegetarian Myth with Lierre Keith

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Lierre Keith. Lierre is the author of The Vegetarian Myth, which is not just about vegetarianism, but the whole farming and agricultural system.

It’s an unbelievable book broken up into three main parts: Moral Vegetarianism, Political Vegetarianism and Nutritional Vegetarianism. It is an amazing read and highly, highly recommended. (Grab your copy here: The Vegetarian Myth)

And that’s the reason I’ve been so pumped all week for this show…

Lierre spent a whopping 20 years as a vegetarian; her actual experience with vegetarianism is why many consider her to be the world’s leading authority on vegetarianism and its problems (20 years is an enough time to know if something works).

Lierre has always stood for justice and compassion, and after writing The Vegetarian Myth, she has been able to study the broader picture of the world’s food supply. I think she offers insight and wisdom whereas others offer conflict and ego. I believe she definitely has some of the answers with regards to what should be done with our farming and food. A very important topic for any one who eats!

If you have any environmentalist or vegetarian friends, send them a copy of this audio. As you’re about to find out, there is a lot more to this issue— it is a riddle in a web of myths!

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