Is Coffee Healthy?

Coffee.. Some love it, some hate it… most drink it too much.

But is it really that bad?

No – IF you don’t abuse your body with it…

There have been many studies done on the positive (and negative) affects of coffee. In summary, just use common sense…

8 cups a day is definitely too much…

1 to 2 cups a day won’t kill you; actually it might help you live 5 years longer as for most people it’s the only source of anti-oxidants they get!

BUT, before you decide your number of cups per day, here are a couple of things that are uber important to remember:

1.   Buy organic coffee only

2.   Don’t buy decaffeinated coffee

3.   Don’t use commercial milk

4.   Don’t add sugar

5.   Don’t add any type of artificial sweetens. Period.

6.   Don’t rely on coffee to get you through the day. Fix your shitty diet first.

Want to learn more? Here are some links to studies:

Non-alcoholic beverage and caffeine consumption and mortality

Caffeine extends yeast lifespan by targeting TORC1

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