Don’t Salt My Nuts!



I am indeed a terrible over-eater of nuts.

So I implemented my own personal rules when it comes to buying and eating nuts:

1.   They must be organic (or at least bio dynamic)

2.   They must be raw

3.   Can only buy small qualities at one time (more because organic nuts are $$$$)

4.   Supermarket nuts suck

Whilst number 4 is not a rule “per say” it is something I get reminded of every time I eat supermarket nuts (they really do suck).

Coles’ nuts are worse than Safeway’s (Woolworths). (Please note that this is purely based on personal opinion.) I think Safeway does a better job than Coles with their “Macro Whole-foods” section.

Maybe it’s just in my head, but I have noticed a significant difference in supermarket Macadamias and Brazil nuts compared with market ones. The former are about half the size of the latter.

I’ve also noticed that when I eat supermarket nuts, I want more and more; could it be sprayed with wheat germ?

Supermarket nuts taste different. Like something has been added… I can quite put my finger on it… (If you have noticed the same thing, please post a comment below)

What’s going on with our food?

Maybe I’m just a nut… (I know, I know. Puns are lazy jokes.)

Maximus Mark

P.S. It goes without saying. Don’t buy salted or roasted nuts. Watch the video above for the scoop.

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