Why are you frightened of Butter?!

Margarine has been cleverly marketed for decades. In the 80’s, it was positioned as healthier than butter because it was low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Now it’s fortified with omega 3’s to confuse people of its benefits.

Let me make this clear: Margarine has no benefits.

Margarine without food colouring is white (or almost white), it’s one module off plastic and if you leave it in the sun, not even the flies want it! It’s a concoction of science and food business, not health.

Some brands market it as “Free from Trans-fats”, but if you read the ingredients it will say, “Contains partially hydrogenated oil” which are a fancy name for Trans-fats (which should always be avoided).

The worse part about margarine is that people actually think it’s healthier than butter. Butter is a whole food that has been around for centuries. The only caveat with butter is that you must buy organic.

Butter is high in all the fat-soluble vitamins which are essential to health and the absorption of every other mineral and vitamin. Butter is a wonder food, margarine is not.

Maximus Mark

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