What to have for Breakfast?

Breakfast cereals are the devil… Press play to watch the video below:

Would you eat chocolate fondue with marshmallows for breakfast?

Doesn’t really sound like the breakfast of champions does it?

So what does chocolate fondue, marshmallows and breakfast cereals all have in common?

There all loaded with refined, useless, unhealthy sugar. A high carbohydrate and high sugar breakfast is the worse way to start the day — despite what mainstream nutritionists tell you.

If you took one habit from me, take this one: Have a high protein, low carbohydrate breakfast.

What you eat for breakfast sets up neuro-transmitters for the entire day and influences what food choices you make for the rest of the day. There’s nothing wrong with eating meat in the morning; you just might find your not crashing and craving come mid-morning

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