Top Trainers Collaborate

In case you missed it…

Kat Eden and I have teamed up to give you two very informative pod-casts.

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Here’s a snapshot of what Kat covered:

  • The very tricky topic of female fat loss
  • Her top 5 super charged supplements that are a must – specifically for females
  • Common myths and mistakes on female fat loss
  • Her personal beliefs around pregnancy, training and nutrition! (I found this extremely interesting!!)
  • Plus loads more
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Here’s a snapshot of what I covered:

  • Common myths on training and nutrition for ‘getting lean’ as well as for competing
  • The biggest mistake that people make when it comes to food for fat loss
  • What bodybuilders do wrong
  • How I transformed my own body from chubby kid
  • A typical day’s eating
  • The truth about calorie counting – and the somewhat history of this outdated method- (Yes- I rant in this one, I know that makes you want it more now)
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I would also like to thank Charles Poliquin for giving us a shout-out on his blog, those article are below:

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PS. We end up raising $585 for the Queensland floods, read about it here

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