Grass Fed Cows? Raw Milk?

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Milk is not the same food product it was 50 years ago. Modern farming has bastardised milk into something that closely resembles milk — but has limited nutritional value.

Many of us grew up being taught that milk is a nutritional wonder food, and we need it for stronger bones. But with commercial milk we forget that calcium is much harder to absorb and the important enzymes needed for digestion are killed off in the process.

What the Cows Eat

Imagine changing the natural human diet from things that are hunted, fished and gathered to things that are processed and packaged. Oh wait, that’s happening everyday and the result is a lot of sick humans who have conditions ranging from heart disease to diabetes.

A cow’s natural diet is grass. Changing a cow’s diet from grass to grains (or soy) has a similar effect on the cow. Cows get sick. Because cows get sick antibiotics are needed.

Corn or soybeans are used because they’re cheap. There has been a popular promotion of “organic grain fed cows” and it’s ridiculous as cows are not meant to eat grains to begin with! Every time I see “organic grain fed cow” on a menu or in a supermarket, I take this as the ultimate insult to the consumer. Cows aren’t meant to eat grains! Next time you see this on the menu in a restaurant, ask the owners if they are trying to insult you (or just order grass fed).

Farmers are under enormous pressure to do it “cheaper and faster”. Because mainstream media keeps telling people that milk is healthy, there is a fairly high demand for milk. If you think about it, milk is a staple food for most people. Just ask Andrew or Andrea Average what they have for breakfast and they will tell you, cereal with milk.

News flash: Cereal for breakfast is just a western tradition that was popularised and promoted by the wheat and dairy industries who really do not (not, not, not) care about your health!

Hormone Free Cows

For whatever reason (hint: money), some farmers use Bovine Growth Hormone or BGH to help cows produce more milk. This does not occur in Australia, Canada or New Zealand as cattle drugging laws are strict. However, it does occur in the US. It’s interesting to note that Canada banned BGH for animal activist reasons because it’s not seen as a humane practice.

MILK! Now with added Calcium!

Ever wondered why food companies are adding Vitamin C, D and Calcium to milk these days? It’s because when milk gets pasteurised, these things get destroyed or altered. Milk in its raw state does not need to be fortified.

In the United States, very few states are allowed to sell raw milk. In fact, just recently in California, the “Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger passed a bill to illegalise the selling of raw milk. Remember, this is the same Arnold who built his body drinking raw milk from Austria.

Watch this passionate video for more details:

All I can say is shame on you Arnold.

Under certain conditions, milk can be beneficial. However milk today taken off the supermarket shelf doesn’t come close to meeting those conditions so it’s best to avoid it.

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