Dealing with Social Pressures

By Steve, Alpha Body Member

Its been nearly 6 months now since I signed up to The Alpha Body mentoring program and I just thought I’d let you know how much I have improved since then…

Not only am I stronger, bigger, leaner etc, but for me the biggest improvement has been my knowledge with both training and diet/supplementation and also dealing with social pressures.

For example, I remember this time last year, before I enrolled in The Alpha Body- attending Christmas lunch with all the family, all I could think about was digging into all the traditional Greek food- having an hour or so break and then ripping into all the deserts later. But I overcame the social pressure and I just ate a plate of chicken and salad, together with my almonds and vitamins. All my cousins were laughing at me, saying “as if your not going to eat what u want on Christmas day, come on just have some it wont kill you.” Anyway that whole day all I could think about was the food on the table, how much I’d love a piece of this or a slice of that etc…..

Now 12 months later, after 6 months on your mentoring program, to be honest with you I’m not even the slightest bit tempted to eat any of the food at today’s BBQ, nor do I care anymore what people think of my decisions to be healthy. Sure I could stuff my face on Christmas day, but these days I decide when I’m going to eat crappy foods and on my terms!

Another example is just last night, I went out clubbing with friends, I hadn’t had a drink in about 5 weeks so I thought why not I’d have a few drinks with some mates. So I ordered a grey goose with mineral water and fresh lime (my favorite drink). To be honest with you it wasn’t going down that well. Nevertheless I finished my first drink before being shouted another. Now at this stage I was half way through my second drink and it still wasn’t going down well. Then I started thinking to myself, what the hell am I doing? I’m not even enjoying this drink, why am I even drinking? I’m only going to feel like shit the next day. So I said stuff it, I put the drink down and went and grabbed a bottle of water from the bar, lol.

This improvement I honestly believe is a credit to you and your mentoring program. Without your support I honestly believe I wouldn’t have broken through the plateau I reached 6 months ago before contacting you, and for that I’d really like to thank you and just let you know how much I appreciate it.



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