Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss

Have you met Kat Eden?

Kat Eden is a fellow Biosignature practitioner who specialises in female fat loss and is the author of Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss. She’s an amazing gal who really understands the maze of female’s weight loss.

This is a review of her book, Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss

The first thing you will notice upon opening Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss is that it covers an incredible amount of information. Covering topics from fibre to dehydration- Kat has certainly jam packed this book with a number of goodies.

The thing that I love most about this book is its down-to-earth style. Kat openly admits her flaws and discusses strategies on how she personally overcame them. If you like down-to-earth information that really works, I suggest you get this book.

Kat has done a great discussion on “the lesser of two evils”. For example, your hungry and your friends go somewhere in between McDonalds and Dominos pizza… what do you do? Flip to page 47 for Kat’s suggestions and ideas.

Other parts that I really enjoyed:

  • Her section on grains (flip to page 61) hits the nail on the head! I have to say I agree with the points Kat brings up. It’s not “main-stream” but it’s true!
  • The effects of Coca-Cola (page 86). I always love learning more on just how Coca-Cola gets you hooked.
  • The truth about saturated fat and cholesterol (page 88).  When I started reading this chapter, all I could think is Ancel Keys. You don’t know who Ancel Keys is? You better read this chapter and stop using margarine and start using butter! (Don’t worry, Kat explains it)
  • Not so healthy soy (page 112). As you may know- I am anti-soy. Kat provides you with additional facts and research. All of which I agree with.

If you want one place where you can read a great summary of all the things you need to know to get in shape, help others with their weight loss; or you’re simply looking for a higher degree of USEABLE knowledge, then this is your book.

There aren’t enough good Australian authors out there writing fair-dinkum health and fitness advice. If you’re sick of all the international who-ho and would like your advice with an Aussie under tone - Grab a copy today

Train hard,

P.S. At the start of Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss there is a great questionnaire to help you individually tailor the books advice.

P.P.S. Here are just a few tidbits more of what you’ll learn –

  • Five ‘healthy’ foods that may be making you fat and unwell
  • 6 secretly healthy foods to get you ripped and feeling fantastic
  • A guide to balancing internal control and hormonal systems which can cause you to stay overweight regardless of what you eat or how much exercise you do
  • The lowdown on how and why your body stores fat and how to reverse it’s the fat-storing gene (did you know your body is actually programmed to make you fat? I’ll teach you how to change that)
  • A simple guide to correct (and doable) nutrition
  • The chance to email me with any follow-up questions or just for support.
  • A 60-day money back guarantee – if you don’t think the book was worth the spend I’ll happily refund you.

What You Won’t Find Inside

  • Incomplete solutions or the requirement for you to buy additional products.
  • Feel-good motivational hoo-ha that tells you how to ‘visualize’ your way to a slimmer you (don’t get me wrong, I’m all about motivation and mindset, just not as a solution in itself).
  • An exercise program. That’s a massive area and I think it would be a joke to say I can cover both in one book and still keep things simple for you. It’s next on my list though!
  • A restrictive “diet”. Everybody who has followed this plan has told me they feel more satisfied than they have in years – it’s about a lifestyle change not a short-term band-aid solution.
  • An opportunity to count calories rather than quality. Instead you’ll learn to understand the power of your hormones to affect your health.

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