“Possibility Thinking”

Are you achieving your health and fitness goals?

If the answer is no, then keep reading. I have something for you that can help guarantee your success.

Aidan 12 months out from his 1st INBA comp

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The concept is called “Possibility Thinking”

However the magic occurs when you apply it, so if you’re stuck in a rut get ready to get out your pen and paper (or just pull up a fresh word document on your computer)

Possibility Thinking

First you create a goal. For this example, let’s say the goal is getting in the best shape.

The question then is this:

To make the achievement of the goal inevitable, what do I need?

You list anything and everything regardless of time, money or distance.

You might list things like:

To employ a personal cook,

To employ a personal trainer,

To quit my job so I have more time to train,

To have a nanny to take care of the kids,

To have someone organise my life

Write freely all your ideas down. Do not question what you are writing, just write.

After you have exhausted your ideas, you can turn your analytical brain on.

The cost of hiring a personal cook, for example, is impractical. Let’s face it, for most of us it is. So what’s within your limits?

You might have an aunty, uncle, grandmother who just loves cooking. You could offer them a fair wage or service in return for them to prepare your healthy meals.

Or like some, there may be no one who can help you. So you do the next best thing within your limits.

You might decide waking up an hour earlier to prepare your meals. This maybe the only real solution! To achieve your goals you’re going to have to face the sobering truth and wake up one hour earlier and prepare your meals.

The point is you work within your variables. You think in the inevitable, you speak in the inevitable and you act in the inevitable that you will achieve your goals.

You create the actions that you need to make your goals possible. You destroy disillusions that “one-day” as one day will never come.

It was Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, who said, “Your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask”. “Possibility Thinking” is all about asking quality questions that lead to the intended result.

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Train hard,

MaXimus Mark

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