Max Chin Up

Today’s video is of me doing one arm chin ups. This is my one and only circus trick (if you can call it that). I don’t recommend doing these, trying these or even training for these. I just wanted to post up something different today as I broke my chin up record. Previously it was 2 reps with 40 kilos attached.

Previously I attempted 45 kilos for a single but found my shoulders were too weak to get past the initial lift. I’ve been working really hard on my external rotators and today I smashed my record by 15 kilos doing 55 kilos attached to my waist. (That’s 121 pounds)

That video is below the one arm chins video. Enjoy and leave your comments below…

and heres a video of my buddy Chris smashing his record on the log press:

Chris is training to be a boxer, he has some mighty strong shoulders.

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