Water… Bottled or Tapped?

Bottled or Tapped? The Drinking Water Conundrum You Need To Know

By Maximus Mark

Author of The Truth About Supplements Series and Eat Your Way To Abs,

Maybe this isn’t the ‘IN’ topic right now, but oh gosh it’s important! It’s something that affects the health of every single person on the planet.

The topic is drinking water and the question is bottle or tapped?

I have come to the conclusion that the answer is neither!

Don’t worry, ill give you what my answer is at the end of the article, but firstly let me first explain my profound conclusion.

Tap Water

Tap water would be great if it didn’t contain fluoride. Fluoride was added to the water supply by our ‘oh so’ loving and caring government. They did it for the ‘people’ and so that our teeth would remain strong.

Oh sorry, I was in fantasy land for a second thinking the government cares about its countries health. What I should have said was that they did it for there own purpose. (Don’t quote me, but some believe being paid by the chemical industry was a contributing factor).

Is fluoride really that bad?

Lets consider the following:

  • The first time fluoride was added to water was in Nazi Germany. This was believed to be for ‘dumbing down’ purposes
  • Fluoride is a component of many rat poisons
  • Fluoride helps the absorption of aluminium
  • Most European countries do not fluoridate their water and there teeth are as good, if not better than countries who do fluoridate water
  • Fluoride can inhibit thyroid function
  • Fluoridated water is ‘medication’ without permission, which is against the law
  • The American Dental Association tell mothers not to make baby formula with fluoridated water
  • Prozac is over 80% fluoride

Again, the ‘reason’ the government Fluoridates water is because it helps to strengthen teeth. Many scientists and researchers believe that is a bunch of BS. However, even if it were true, it only is relevant when you put it on your teeth, not drink it. I believe it MAY have a place in toothpaste, but certainly no place in water. Also consider toothpaste labels advise children to use no more than a pea size amount of toothpaste.

Bottled Water

With all the above considered, one could think or even assume that I am going to tell you to drink bottled water. But please remember, assumption is the mother of all fopars (or faux pas)!

* Fopar is in the urban dictionary, both of which I did not make up. It means ‘making a mistake’. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=foe%20par

The problems with bottled water are:

  • The petro-chemicals that surround the water (I’m talking about the bottle)
  • Its woeful impact on the environment, especially local communities that unfortunately have deep water supplies that corporate conglomerates like Pepsi, Coke and Nestle rape for their water supply.
  • Bottle water is not regularly tested, and when it is, those tests are not publicly available (unlike tap water). This means we rely on the corporations to ensure that their water is pure. For me, that’s not good enough. Pepsi, Coke and Nestle have not acted in a way that deserves customer trust.
  • And yes, bottle water HAS been recalled. Again, you can’t trust the big corporate companies (or governments) with your health.
  • It’s needlessly expensive when you consider its ridiculous mark-up.

The biggest health problem with bottle water is the actual bottle it comes in. It’s a phthalate called Bisphenol A or BPA for short. BPA is a nasty oestrogenic compound that was originally developed as an oestrogen replacement hormone.

But when they found it could also be used to harden plastics, the chemical industry brought it and used it for its purposes.

Why is BPA so bad?

BPA at any dose acts as an oestrogen. The controversy began with a group of scientists questioned its safety and the method to which it got approved for common, worldwide use.

The reason why it was approved is because every chemical’s toxicity is dose dependant. “The dose makes it toxic” means drinking BPA in small amounts won’t harm you.

HOWEVER, this is untrue as BPA acts as a hormone. “The dose makes it toxic” argument maybe true for other chemicals and toxins, but when they act as hormones this is not the case. A ‘little’ bit of a hormone impacts the whole system.

This was evident when researchers tested mice with an extremely low dose of BPA. The researchers found that even an extremely low dose profoundly damaged the reproductive system of the mice.

The Bottle Water industry is a self-regulating industry, just like the personal training industry. To see self-regulation in action just go into any mainstream gym chain and take a look for yourself at the abundant competent Trainers… Self-regulation more often than not doesn’t work! (And just in case you didn’t get the tone, I was being sarcastic about competent trainers).

How about those really big water bottles? Don’t they use different plastic?

5 gallon or 10 litre jugs of water are packed with poll-carbonate plastic with the primary ingredient being BPA, so they’re not safe either.

Lets Talk Numbers and BPA

Here’s the part to remember,

The bad plastics are type 3 (PVC) and type 7 (PC). Type 7 also covers almost any other type of plastic known in the universe (so my sources tell me)…

Types 1 (PET or PETE), 2 (HDPE), 4 (LDPE), 5 (PP) and 6 (PS) do not have BPA in them. Many clear food containers use Type 1 (PETE) and heavy white containers (eg. supplement containers) use type 2 (HDPE).

I have also been warned that type 6 (PS or polystyrene) is ‘no good’ either (my source is an industrial chemist).

So smarty pants, what’s the answer then?

I have researched this topic for months and considered many options. I have come up with the best solution (though it might change in the future).

Water Alkalizer/ionizer

I considered buying a water alkalizer priced between $1000 to $2000 dollars. I had to be absolutely convinced that this was the best option before purchasing which I can’t say I was.

What I found was a lot of really hyped claims that included ‘cures cancers’. In fact when I was in LA I visited a water shop and the lady looked me in the eye and told me that the water alkalizer ‘cured her husband’s cancer.’

Now I’m either an idiot for not believing her or my very male analytical brain is doing its job. I personally believe it’s the later…

I have a rule when it comes to things like this, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

There are literally hundreds of for and against argument for Alkalized/Ionized water and neither of them convinced me to part with my money or be completely against all of its merits. However, I did find one interesting video showing that ionised water is a ‘pro’-oxidant not an anti-oxidant. This was the most convincing argument from both sides that suggested I would find answers else were.

Further learning on Water Alkalizers/ionizer:

http://www.chem1.com/CQ/gallery.html (Against)

http://www.alkaway.com.au/information-alkaline-ionized-water-snake-oil.html (For)

Ceramic Water Filter

Ceramic water filter could be a great option for many.

For me however I just don’t have the room for a massive jug sitting on my kitchen counter. And I also don’t like the idea that I have to replace two filters on an ongoing basis. I mean, call me lazy, but hell, come up with a better water filter would you! Then maybe I might buy it if you don’t charge me a bucket load for shipping. On a plus side, there are many very cool designs to fit anybody’s (big) kitchen.

This website seemed the most reasonable to purchase from within Australia, and believe me, I looked at a lot!


Nobles Pureau pure water drinking carton

Don’t you love when people recommend a product when you can absolutely be sure they don’t get any financial gains from?

I do and you can be absolutely certain that I have no ties with Nobles though I would be open to the idea of them giving me free water.

This is my solution to the drinking water conundrum. Its as easy as going to your super market, its doesn’t take up much room, you can throw it out, there are no water filters to replace and your not committing to any permanent fixtures under your sink (and if you’re a commitment phoebe like me that’s a biggie).

I buy the 10-litre cartoon from my supermarket which is free of both BPA and fluoride.

And I know I said before big corporate conglomerates don’t deserve trust. And they don’t. However Nobles can hardly be considered a corporate conglomerate (like Coke, Pepsi or Monsanto). Additionally they get their water tested by Sonic Laboratories which is an independent laboratory.

And remember!

Use a stainless steel, BPA-free water bottle in conjunction with this cartoon. No point buying anything if your not going to give up plastic bottles! Plastic bottles are bad for you and the environment.

By Maximus Mark

Author of The Truth About Supplements Series and Eat Your Way To Abs

Get Eat Your Way To Abs Free! Visit: http://www.eatyourwaytoabs.com

Me and my BPA-free, stainless steel water bottle

(and yes I know, I look like a dork!)

Further Learning:

DVD Tapped which can be purchased here http://www.tappedthemovie.com/





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