INBA Ms Olympia, Janet Kane

In my journey to winning the Ms Olympia title I never doubted my commitment, but I knew I needed some expert advice for the best way to train to achieve the winning physique.

With so many personal trainers out there, I wanted someone that knew how to train a champion and not just train someone to lose weight or change their shape a little. I am a very self motivated person, so I did not look for the person to offer the encouragement or the nudge to get to the gym, (although I know Mark would do that if that is what I needed), I wanted the person that could guide and coach me to achieve my goal of Ms Olympia and undoubtedly give me the ‘champions edge’.

Then I found Mark. His expert guidance gave me clarity in my training program and showed me the most effective supplements and nutrition for my goals. He pushed me beyond my limits to achieve my goals and never once did I question him. I had total confidence in his ability to train me.

This has made all the difference. With Mark’s help I reached the pinnacle in my recent Ms Olympia win and I feel on the top of the world! Thank you for everything.


Janet with Tan

INBA Ms Olympia and 2 time Ms Australia

1st ANB Women’s Physique U52Kg Vic Titles Oct 06

1st ANB Women’s Physique U52Kg Melb Titles Mar 07 and Overall Winner

1st INBA Figure Champion and Overall winner for Melb Titles March 07

1st ANB Figure Champion and Overall winner for Vic Titles Oct 07

1st INBA All Female Show and Overall Winner July 08

Janet without Tan!

Watch Janet in training Deadlifting double her body weight:

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