I am Healthy, Strong & Confident

Rhiannon Reed

The first time I met Mark was during my Personal Training course at AIF, he was a lecturer there. Mark was down to earth in his approach and gave me a sense of confidence that he really knew what he was talking about and was extremely knowledgeable. I knew that he was a trainer who practiced what he preached. He showed me that he was serious about training.

So I decide I would contact Mark for one-on-one training. He has helped me in many ways. From dietary advice and guidance, to challenging, enjoyable training. I had been training for years and was getting bored with the usual gym machine workouts. He gave me the variety that I was looking for and I look forward training with him every week. I really like doing the “Strong Man” exercises as it gives me a sense of challenge and accomplishment. I like that even though I’m a girly girl I can still do it.

It took me a while to actually follow all of his advice. I have to admit to not following the dietary advice AND funnily enough, when I did that along with my training my results were awesome!! I feel great and know now that I look great too.

I would like to thank Mark for helping me in the last year. I have loved my training and have a lot of respect for him. He has shown me how to look after myself properly and for that I am more than thankful! I am a healthy, strong and confident thanks to him.

Rhiannon Reed

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