Gym Owners Next Step- Colleen (and Mick) Cutts

My husband Mick & I have always been addicted to fitness and weight training and have been doing a variety of programs for over 25 years. We were so passionate about what we and the fitness industry could do for other people we decided the next stage of our life was to become qualified personal trainers, which then led to the opening of our own Fitness Centre. The first year of operation saw our business winning the 2007 Small Business Award for Health and Fitness and we are still going strong. Never wanting to stand idle last year we made a life style choice to enter our first body building comp. So off we went searching to find out how to go about it. Our first trainer was very supportive and directed us in diet and training…but it was still not what we where looking for.

Then…..we found Maximus Mark. An enthusiast, knowledgably and dedicated trainer. Mark provided a full program that had all the necessary ingredients to prepare ourselves for our first Body Building Comp. Mark’s program provides sound nutrition advice ensuring that your body is well nourished and fuelled up for some gruelling training session’s. The training programs that Mark has provided both of us with, has transformed our bodies beyond our expectations and we are continuing to get stronger and leaner each week.

The information Mark provided was always very educational and suit us to the ground, as we always want to know why we are doing what we are doing. The training program is changed every 4 weeks and is always more challenging and exciting. A big plus is that Mark is always there, by phone or email to answer any questions.

We have also made some changes in the way that we train our clients all thanks to Mark and his training programs. We hit the stage in our first comp on the 16th of May 2010 at Castle Hill and feel 100% prepared thanks to Mark.

Mick and Colleen

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