Erros Chiodo, Natural Bodybuilder (this guy is seriously ripped!)

I first went to see Mark just under four months ago with the intention of competing in my first bodybuilding show. Although I had some training experience I had little idea about the diet, supplementation and training required for contest preparation. Mark’s expertise in these areas proved invaluable, and in a relatively short amount time I was able to make dramatic changes to my body

When I first saw Mark I weighed 94kg, 14 weeks later at the weight of 78kg I am significantly stronger, healthier and have just recently placed 3rd in the ANB junior titles. Mark has also acted as a very positive mentor for me, offering me advice and insiring me to achieve my goals whilst developing as an individual.

Whether you are a person looking to improve general health and wellbeing or a competitive bodybuilder or athlete looking to improve performance, I strongly recommend investing in Mark’s services.

Erros Chiodo – Champion Bodybuilder and Amateur Strongman

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