Bodybuilding Superstar, Tristan Boyce

Before I started training and dieting properly for my bodybuilding competitions I wasn’t really sure of how to approach it, as there was so much information out there in terms of supplements, training techniques and dieting. When I decided to see Mark a few months before competition he set me straight and told me how it would be. With a proper diet, intense training program and good supplement guide, I was on my merry way to success in October.

I have just finished competing in the INBA and ANB natural bodybuilding competitions and finished in 1st place for both competitions in the junior divisions. I also won best posing routine for the INBA, and “best legs” for the junior and overall competition in the ANB show.

Training with and getting advice from Mark was the best decision I ever made. As I said he set me on the right path to success, and now and world’s my oyster. I am heading to the nationals in the Gold Coast for the INBA and to Sydney for the ANB nationals. I owe a huge thanks to Mark, and would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to achieve results, look what I did!!!!!

Tristan Boyce,

2 time Mr Australia

ASN Sponsored Athlete

Tristan on training with MaXimus Mark:

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