Ben Lant – When Results Count!

Mark not only works in the fitness industry, he lives there. Continually seeking self-development in all aspects of muscle building (aspects many people may not even consider), Mark is innovative, articulate and cutting-edge.

If it’s results you’re looking for then I can certainly vouch for that. When I began working with Mark I could bench-press 22.5-25 Kg dumbbells and I now do the same exercise with 35-37.5kg weights. I have gone from dead lifting 100kg 5 weeks ago to 140kg now. And if I could accurately and succinctly measure my stamina I would convey to you that I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was before.

But as I alluded to before it is the mental toughness, motivation and passion for fitness which Mark has instilled in me that is his greatest achievement.

-Ben Lant

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