A World of Potential – Andrew Rudakov

It’s always important to seek out expert advice in any field to maximize your potential. You’ll find that those who have achieved the greatest success are the ones who have sought out a mentor. Starting off personal training, I had no idea how to train probably and run a successful business. It proved a very wise move to seek out a teacher (Mark Ottobre) who had had great success in this particular endeavour. He taught me all I needed to know about business, but his teachings extended far beyond that. Mark proved to be my life coach. Whenever I fell down he was there to pick me up. I have become much tougher skinned since commencing coaching with Mark. He has brought my training to new levels, so if you’re an athlete expect to experience dramatic improvements in your sporting pursuits. It’ll blow your mind. If you want to be your best, seek out the best. Mark Ottobre will open up for you a world of potential, you didn’t even know existed.

Andrew Rudakov Personal Trainer and Champion Natural Bodybuilder

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