Why Supplements Are Necessary for Weight Loss and Optimal Health


Q: Hey Mark, I eat a really healthy diet. Why do I need to take supplements? Great question. First, lets define what we mean my supplements. Are we taking about weight loss shakes, fat burners and ‘miracle’ muscle supplements… No. What we are taking about are supplements that improve overall health. They may include, multi-vitamins,

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Advanced Detoxification & Muscle Testing (with Bob Guiel)

I met Bob Guiel through Charles Poliquin. Charles had brought Bob on tour to teach advanced detoxification protocols and muscle testing. What a week! Learning from both Bob and Charles opened the door to a very successful year of learning and application. It enabled me to write one of my most popular articles ever… How

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Discover the Diet, Training and Business Secrets of Melbourne’s Premier Personal Training Studio

Are you a PT wanting to learn how we went from solo-trainer to staff of 7 (and paying off a world class facility in full) in less than 9 months? Are you a PT wanting to learn the in’s and out’s of contest prep? Are you a PT wanting to not only earn more money

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Join us at Australia’s premier 3-day internship for Personal Trainers!


Hey-hey folks! It’s Maximus Mark Ottobre, owner and director of Melbourne’s premier Personal Training studio, Enterprise Fitness and here is your official invitation to learn from me privately… Most of you know who I am so feel free to skip ahead. If you’re new to the site, read below:

How to Eat Your Way to Abs… Yours to Take Home on DVD


Most of you know me… If not, here’s a quick video introduction: Rather read than watch a video? Its ok, I’ve got you covered: My name is Maximus Mark Ottobre. I’m probably best known for my work in training female fitness models and figure champions. These are just some of the lovely ladies I have

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Heavy Metals Detoxification and Chelation Therapy with Australia’s Leading Integrative Medicine Doctor

Dr Bruce Jones

Hey-Hey Folks, Today’s podcast is one for the ages. I can guarantee you will not find a better article or podcast about heavy metals and chelation therapy anywhere else on the web. Why? Because today I present to you “The Guy” on heavy metals, chelation and detoxification, Dr. Bruce Jones from the National Institute of

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